Become a homeowner without the life-altering sacrifices.

Investing in real estate with addy means you can own property and still do all of the things that make you who you are because you decide how much to invest.

There’s no need to turn your life upside down for a massive down payment, you could literally invest $1 if that’s what’s best for you. Continue living downtown, travel when you want, spend more time with family and friends, and still have the chance to get into real estate. 

Getting started is as easy as opening
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Together we’ll invest in expert-selected, low-risk properties.

Our real estate experts have decades of experience and pre-vet our properties that meet the following criteria:

  • Has development potential
  • Has a positive cashflow
  • At least 4% a year return
  • Requires less than 10% of purchase price in renovations and upgrades
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Get started with opening a free addy wallet account.

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