Meet addy Co-Founder & CFO, Adrienne Uy

“Real estate is in my blood,” is a commonly heard catchphrase when chatting with Adrienne and that’s because she grew up in a real estate family. Her mother is a commercial and residential real estate agent, her dad is a developer, and her brother and sister are founders of Oakwyn Realty Brokerage. While Adrienne owns real estate of her own, what she really loves are the numbers behind the deals. So when she co-founded addy with Michael and Stephen, she knew that bringing her two passions together under one roof (pun intended), would be a match made in real estate heaven.

She took on the role of CFO at addy where she is primarily responsible for planning, implementing, managing and controlling all financial-related activities of the company. As a finance and operations executive with over 22 years of experience and a naturalized American citizen, she understands how to build a new model for real investment that will open up unrealized opportunities and cross borders.

Helping everyone “get in”

“What I love most about what we’re building is the equalization and social awareness around a historically inaccessible asset class,” says Adrienne. “I’ve spent my career at both large enterprise businesses such as Starbucks and Jones Soda, to smaller startups such as and addy, and common to them all are frustrations among younger employees with respect to getting their foot in the door with real estate.”

Adrienne herself can also relate, “when I first moved to Seattle in 2000 I was completely locked out of the market there. I spent eight years saving up a deposit and the only reason I could even do that was because I had some options vest at Jones Soda. My parents had five kids, they couldn’t help me and there was no way I would ever out save the market.”

Today in high-demand markets like Vancouver there is truly no way for the average person to invest in real estate. That’s why platforms like addy are so important and why Adrienne and the team are so passionate about their mission. It’s one that everyone can relate to. It helps to bridge the gap for many between owning a piece of real estate and living in a place you love and can afford.

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