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We’ve just launched our third property located in Toronto!

This is an opportunity for addy members to invest in a 19-building, 95-unit multi-family portfolio in Toronto. Investors will be party to a high-quality renovation program in an effort to increase below-market rents to market. Northwood Terrace Apartments (the “Portfolio”) is located in Lawrence Park, one of Toronto’s most affluent neighbourhoods, at Avenue Road and Lawrence Avenue West.

The Portfolio is situated on two acres of land across two city blocks, representing one of the largest multi-family sites to trade in the City of Toronto in the past five years. It consists of 76 two-bed units and 19 one-bed units. The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for this project and other details are included in the Offering Memorandum and due diligence documents that are available within you addy account.

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