On The Ground in Ontario

Some of the addy squad traveled to Hamilton, Ontario to do some on the ground due diligence, to meet up with addy members and connect with our partners out East.

What was on the schedule?

  • We flew in on Sunday night and had Dinner with Peter Dyakowski and his wife Rachel at The Diplomat on Hamilton’s restaurant row.
  • Monday we got coffee at Smalls Coffee and started our tour with Forge & Foster. First we checked out the Forge and Foster office then we headed out to take a look at our investments —  One West and 29 Harriet (keep an eye out for updates on these two properties). We also took a peep at several other potential addys 👀
  • Tuesday we connected with addy members in Toronto at a members-only event that we held at The National Club. We got to know more of our community face to face and get some feedback on what they’d like to see from us.

Here are the pics:

Meet Peter Dyakowski

Get To Know Us:

7 thoughts on “On The Ground in Ontario

  1. Gary says:

    Would like to see opportunities to invest in property with quarterly distribution potential
the 2-3 year game wait is fine but some of us aren’t getting any younger so shorter term ROI would be great 🙂

  2. Rosanna Penilla-Bharucha says:

    Would love to meet you in person. I missed meeting you the first time you were in Toronto. Please keep me in the loop next time you come to Hamilton. Please let me know if you are coming to Niagara Falls. I have a place for you for the meeting.

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