Margaret Bi headshot

Margaret Bi
Graphic Designer

Margaret is a multimedia graphic designer that is always open to learning new things. Whether that’s exploring the world of animation or brushing up on her French (parle lentement et je comprendrai!), she’s a deep believer that it’s never too late to learn. The type to just go with the flow, or ride the wave head on (sometimes dependent  on how many cups of coffee is in her system), Margaret’s design approach is to always keep an open mind, because she’s has first handedly experienced how amazing ideas can be sparked from unexpected places! Margaret is currently working towards completing her final year at the York University/Sheridan College Design program (YSDN).

When she’s not at her desk or at a café coming up with her next set of designs, you might spot her up high up in the skies trees treetop trekking, exploring new trails with her dog or just finding her newest indie video game obsession. Currently, her most used emoji is 👀.