Marvin Wong - Headshot

Marvin Wong
Real Estate analyst

Instead of jumping into an established company after graduating from post-secondary, Marvin decided to continue his work at the Richmond Night Market with the entrepreneur (and now one of his closest friends) he worked for in high school. During this time, they enabled hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs to establish a business opportunity in a 9’x9′ tent space, get featured on the front of The New York Time’s travel page, and have Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visit.

After five and a half years of expanding the pie and building long-lasting relationships at the Richmond Night Market, Marvin decided it was time to head to SoCal to start grad school in business and real estate. During this time, he volunteered for Junior Achievement of San Diego where he taught classes K-7 about entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work-readiness which he wished he could have learned when he was younger. He really misses the tacos in SoCal.

When Marvin is not expanding the pie, you can find him sleeping (a lot), eating (I’m a bad cook), playing basketball, watching YouTube videos on whatever the algorithm presents to him, playing with his dogs or travelling.