Stephen Drew
Software Engineer

Stephen loves finding solutions to complex problems. It’s what he has enjoyed most over the course of his 20+ years as a software developer and what drove him to join addy. Real estate is a historically untouchable market unless you have large amounts of capital. Building an alternative way “in” for those that cannot afford it via technology is a challenge that gets him fired up.

Stephen is skilled in iOS/macOS/Android development, Web Frontend/Backend technologies, Linux System Administration, Database Administration, Web/User Interface Design and 3D Computer Animation. Up until joining addy, he ran his own software consulting company for 14 years and worked with many clients including Heineken, Adidas, Reebok and Nike.

In his spare time, Stephen enjoys reading and digging into how the world works. Most recently he’s been interested in 3D graphics, game development, and AI. On Saturday you’ll find him at the movies or spending time with his aunt and cousins in their backyard.

Favourite book: The Calvin and Hobbes Collection

Words to live by: Don’t be a d***