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James Komenda Discusses Investing With addy, Without Having to Sacrifice

James Komenda

James Komenda knows how to get business done. He is the former VP of Sales for, the founder and former CEO of a local startup in Vancouver called FreeSpace, and most recently the founder of a new startup in Vancouver. His drive and dedication don’t stop when he leaves the office for the day. […]

Market Peaks and Okanagan Valleys: Andrew Gaucher Discusses a Strengthening Kelowna Market

kelowna real estate

Andrew Gaucher is a local legend of sorts in the Kelowna real estate scene. When you look at his resume, it quickly becomes clear why. He (somehow) splits his nine-to-five between being the VP of the McKinley Beach community, the founder and president of Catalyst Land Development, and the GM of G Group Land Development. […]

The Future of Home Ownership: Hunter Sones Explains Why addy is a Game Changer

Every so often you meet, or hear about, people that have schedules so ambitious you’re convinced they have access to a secret time reserve. An extra hour or two added to their days, or an eighth day of the week no one else seems to know about. Hunter Sones is one such person. This young […]

How to Calculate Internal Rate of Return (for Non-Math Majors)

calculating IRR

IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is another fundamental tool of real estate investment – a calculation that is frequently used to determine the potential value of an investment.  Investopedia defines IRR as “a metric used in capital budgeting to estimate the profitability of potential investments. The internal rate of return is a discount rate that […]

What is Passive Income and How Can I Earn Some?

luxury apartments

Everybody wants to be rich or get rich, or at least achieve a certain level of economic stability.  Life can be stressful and challenging enough without having to worry about financial security. A November 2017 report from the Ontario Securities Commission entitled “Missing Out – Millennials and the Markets” found that 4 in 5 millennials […]

How to Invest in Real Estate Without Owning Property

mix use building

It may surprise you to learn that not all real estate investors are comfortable wearing landlord hats.  Not everyone is ready to become a house flipper or new age land baron. Some simply do not want the responsibility of owning, managing and maintaining properties while others lack the capital and/or liquidity to purchase property on […]