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A Place to Invest – Parksville, BC

Parksville, BC

Parksville is a city on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The city is a quick 30 minute drive north of Nanaimo in the heart of Oceanside, on the sheltered east coast of Vancouver Island. Parksville, a community of 13,000 people, is an active community of urban professionals, families with young children, and retirees. Parkville’s […]

Unlock The Properties We Are Reviewing

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Curious to know what properties addy is currently reviewing for purchase? Verify your profile. If you’re an addy member, we’ve rolled out a new verification option within your profile that will get you access to the properties that are currently under review by our team at addy. The properties under review will show up in […]

Guest Post: Co-ownership, changing the way you own and think about your own home and primary investment


Editors Note: This is a guest post from Noam Dolgin, a local Vancouver Realtor who specializes in Co-ownership. Co-ownership of real estate and sharing of your primary residence, a practice that goes back centuries, has become increasing more common and popular in the past decade and will become more popular in the years to come.  […]

When is the Right Time to Downsize?

The best time to downsize your home is before it becomes necessary – for financial or physical reasons. It’s always better to stay in control and ahead of the curve when possible, so if you see yourself in any of the following scenarios, it may be time to start searching for smaller, senior-friendly, more affordable housing.  […]

Real Estate Wrap up: 2019 Review and 2020 Predictions with Andrew Gaucher

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As we know already, Andrew Gaucher has plenty of street cred when it comes to his place in the Kelowna real estate market. He is the founder and president of Catalyst Land Development and general manager of G Group Land Development, and somehow manages to find time to serve as the vice-president of the McKinley […]

Renting vs. Owning – Tips on How to Decide

Should I own or should I rent?  For many years, the answer to this question was almost always the same.  Owning beat renting – hands down. Nowadays, in view of a changing economy and evolving lifestyle preferences, the answer is not so simple. Leverage Online Calculators There are numerous factors and variables to take into […]

How to Save Sacrifice for a House

Saving money for a down payment on a home has always required discipline, patience, and hard work.  There’s nothing new to report there – except that in highly-inflated real estate markets such as Vancouver you need to develop these virtues early, and exercise them for most of your adult life.  Here is the hard-cold truth […]