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Montreal Crowdfunded Real Estate

Like just about everywhere else in Canada, the Montreal real estate market is on the rise, with property prices increasing alongside demand. The latest addy on Sherbrooke St., in a bustling neighbourhood just on the edge of downtown, looks to capitalize on the booming market, a prime location and an attraction destination for tourists, students […]

5 Successful Real Estate Investing Tips

Real estate offers a world of opportunity when it comes to earning money in the near and distant future. The right investment brings about passive income, whether through a REIT, crowdfunding platform or direct ownership. Still, despite a booming Canadian real estate market, investing takes proper planning, understanding and money upfront. Here are some tips […]

Our next addy is in Montreal, Quebec

Montreal Boutique Hotel in Montreal, QC is dropping soon! This is your opportunity to participate in the ownership of a boutique hotel, which currently consist of 18 rooms and a commercial unit located in Montreal, QC The details: Estimated ROI: 38.96% Estimated Term: 2 Years Estimated Owners’ Days: 1 The Plan: Renovate all 18 rooms and convert the […]

Is Investing with Real Estate Crowdfunding Safe?

Investments may be sound, low-risk or even a near-lock, but there’s no such thing as a guarantee. There are a world of known and unknown factors that can significantly influence any investment, especially when it comes to real estate. Such risk as well as steep financial barriers make real estate crowdfunding an increasingly popular way […]