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Why Estate Planning Is The Best Way To Protect Your Investments

Most Canadians hold some sort of investment. If you’ve purchased a property, a car, or made a financial investment (like with addy!) – you have an investment! For many of us, we’ve worked really hard to acquire these investments and want to ensure they’re protected. When we think of protecting them, many of us immediately […]

Democratization of Real Estate & The Future of Real Estate Investments

addy CEO Michael Stephenson was a guest on Tom Karadza podcast ‘Your Life, Your Terms’ to talk about the growing divide between the rich and the poor and how addy is working to enable everyone to take part in real estate ownership.  Tom Karadza is the co-owner of the Rock Star Real Estate Brokerage in […]

Neighbourhood Spotlight: Lawrence Park, Toronto

The neighbourhood is full of natural beauty, providing endless opportunities for hikers, joggers and park-goers alike. The neighbourhood has a very strong, family-oriented sense of community with excellent schools and recreational spaces in the area. Most Lawrence Park residents are within walking distance of bus routes that run along Yonge Street, Mount Pleasant Road, Bayview […]

Why Invest In Toronto Real Estate

Toronto is a major Canadian city situated along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. Wikipedia describes the city as a dynamic metropolis with a core of soaring skyscrapers, all dwarfed by the iconic, free-standing CN Tower. Toronto also has many green spaces, from the orderly oval of Queen’s Park to 400-acre High Park and its trails, sports […]

Currency Destruction & How to Protect your Savings

Vancouver Realtor Steve Saretsky had addy Chairperson Jeff Booth and addy CEO Michael Stephenson on his show today to talk about Jeff’s book, The Price of Tomorrow, what is happening with currencies in the world, how to protect your savings, where real estate is potentially headed and what addy is up to. “In this interview […]

Do “High Interest” Savings Accounts Still Exist in Canada?

ING Direct, now Tangerine, made their name by being a virtual bank and offering high interest savings accounts to Canadians. Over the years, the term “high interest” has significantly changed with banks offering rates slightly above 0% to their customers. Right now Tangerine is promoting a 2.5% promotional rate for their high interest savings account […]

Surrey Company Kickstarts Employee’s Real Estate Portfolio

Property ownership remains out of reach for many Canadians due to the high cost of ownership, mortgage stress tests and the complexity of owning certain types of real estate products. That’s why addy exists: to knock down barriers to entry and enable everyone to invest in real estate. So you can imagine how thrilled we […]

Have You Visited The Starbucks at 45604 Airport Rd, Chilliwack?

We launched the investment opportunity in the Chilliwack property on August 11th and over 400 addy members have already invested. This property is a brand new building, with a drive thru, that has Starbucks as a tenant. BC residents, over 19, can choose to invest $1 – $1500 into the property and benefit from the […]

Starbucks CEO On Their “COVID Strategy”

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson was on CNBC with Jim Cramer on July 29th to discuss Starbucks’ COVID strategy and how they will navigate their way through this global pandemic. In this interview he talks about how they are accelerating their strategic initiatives and he specifically mentions that their “drive thru stores in suburban markets are […]