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What Are the Different Types of Real Estate Investment?

The first order of business for a new player in the real estate market is to familiarize yourself with the different categories of real property available to investors. So, with that in mind. Let’s get down to that first order of business. Types of Real Estate Investment Residential Property Residential real estate includes detached and […]

Real Estate Investing 101: Top 5 Considerations for the New Investor

real estate investment

So you want to be a real estate investor?  Welcome to our world! Real estate investing can be a rewarding, but tricky business – particularly for those novice investors who choose to go it alone.   Any tutorial on the topic of real estate investing for beginners would be remiss if it did not address the […]

Interview with The REINVESTORS: How to Live Stress-Free by Investing in Real Estate

Just a few short years ago, Steve Arneson and Randy Molland were each grappling with life-altering personal struggles. Today, they’re successful real estate investors, globetrotters, speakers, and philanthropists. How did they go from being bogged down by grief and depression to founding their own company and developing a diverse and robust real estate investment portfolio? […]

Event Alert! Let’s talk micro-investing in real estate. Meetup in Vancouver.

The truth is that real estate investing is simply out of reach for most of us. It takes tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to participate and in a lot of cases, there are barriers even if you do have the money. Let’s talk about approaching things differently. How can we democratize real […]