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Our Upcoming Property: Some Thoughts from addy Board Member Steve Evans

There is no denying that Steve Evans has an impressive resume when it comes to real estate investing. Since 2003, he has founded, co-founded and led several successful real estate platforms encompassing over 400 real estate transactions valued in excess of $6 Billion. He’s seen tremendous growth from his real estate portfolio and is keen […]

Meet Our Next Property & Our New Team Members

If you’ve been following us you know that we’re on a mission to allow every human to become a homeowner and today we are announcing the appointment of five leading real estate, technology, and legal experts to our Board of Directors and Advisory Board to join us on this journey. Steve Evans, Co-founder and CEO […]

Who Invented The Drive-Thru?

Where did the spelling come from? Before we get started, according to Wikipedia the spelling of drive-thru is a sensational spelling of the word through drive-through and both are acceptable. What is a drive-thru? The drive-thru is a type of take out service that businesses provide to enable customers to purchase products without leaving their […]

Watch Webinar – Post COVID Real Estate World

Phil Soper talks about all things Canadian real estate during and after COVID-19. Learn from Phil Soper, President & CEO Royal LePage and Bridgemarq Real Estate Services, about the macro impacts of the pandemic on Canadian real estate and how to think about it from both a buyer and seller point of view. You’ll learn […]

How Do Returns Work on Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial real estate investments generate returns in two possible ways: rental income and property appreciation. Rental Income Rental income is generated by renting to a tenant or multiple tenants. This rental income becomes cash flow or revenue for the equity owner(s) of the property, aka a cap rate. For commercial real estate investments offered through […]

Watch Webinar – Power of Real Estate Data

We chat with Michael Simonsen about the data-driven trends his company is seeing in the marketplace. Learn from Michael Simonsen, CEO Altos Research, about the impacts of COVID-19 on the marketplace from a data-first perspective. You’ll learn about: Where the US real estate market stands right now Which key market indicators you should watch What’s […]

What’s New addy? An update from our co-founder

Interested in watching or listening to our past webinar guests? You can do so by subscribing to our Podcast or YouTube Channel. Join the next webinar’s live to get your real estate questions answered. Michael Simonsen, CEO Altos Research July 9th 2020 – Noon PST Register Free Phil Soper, President & CEO Royal LePage July […]

Real Estate Round-Up: June 26, 2020

Retail Shakeup Microsoft to permanently close all of its retail stores (The Verge) Apple to close 14 retail stores in Florida on rising COVID-19 cases (BNN Bloomberg) Health retailer GNC files for bankruptcy; 29 Canadian stores to close (CTV) British Columbia Residential Real Estate Prepare for price declines in Vancouver real estate, says CMHC (BIV) […]

What Are The Different Types of Commercial Leases?

Buckle up!! We’re breaking down the different types of commercial leases. The Basics: Gross Lease/Full Service Lease What you need to know: With this lease type, the tenant’s rent includes all property operating expenses such as property taxes, utilities, maintenance, etc. More specifically, these operating costs and expenses are borne by the landlord out of […]