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Real Estate Wrap up: 2019 Review and 2020 Predictions with Andrew Gaucher

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As we know already, Andrew Gaucher has plenty of street cred when it comes to his place in the Kelowna real estate market. He is the founder and president of Catalyst Land Development and general manager of G Group Land Development, and somehow manages to find time to serve as the vice-president of the McKinley […]

Renting vs. Owning – Tips on How to Decide

Should I own or should I rent?  For many years, the answer to this question was almost always the same.  Owning beat renting – hands down. Nowadays, in view of a changing economy and evolving lifestyle preferences, the answer is not so simple. Leverage Online Calculators There are numerous factors and variables to take into […]

How to Save Sacrifice for a House

Saving money for a down payment on a home has always required discipline, patience, and hard work.  There’s nothing new to report there – except that in highly-inflated real estate markets such as Vancouver you need to develop these virtues early, and exercise them for most of your adult life.  Here is the hard-cold truth […]

Why Connor Zapisocki Became an addy Ambassador

If you were to stop any young person in the street and ask them what they want to be when they grow up, most of us would anticipate a generic, or maybe even pie-in-the-sky response. “Doctor,” “lawyer,” “actor.” Canned answers to brush off a question they’re not entirely ready to thoughtfully consider. That is of […]

How Do Rental Restricted Buildings Affect Unit Price?

Government regulation of the rental housing market in British Columbia is, by any definition, a work in progress.  In the last months of 2018, in response to growing concerns about a looming housing crisis in B.C., a Rental Housing Task Force formed by the Legislative Assembly produced a report with no less than 23 recommendations […]

Why Crowdfunded Properties Create Better Tenants, Preserve Value of Property.

Pride in homeownership is alive and well, and living down the street from you in a crowdfunded rental property.  One of the many benefits of crowdfunded real estate investment is higher quality tenants. Why exactly is that you may ask? Tenants that own shares of the crowdfunded property they’re renting have way higher stakes in […]

Why Griffin Medwid Became an addy Ambassador

There’s no better way to learn about anything than with hands-on experience. But when it comes to real estate investing, there’s traditionally a $100,000.00 buy-in just to gain access to such experience. This has long been a sticking point for young investing hopefuls, particularly for cash-strapped business students like Griffin Medwid. They spend their days […]