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Hey addy, can you really get a 35% return in real estate today?

Seriously. 35%? How the heck can anyone get 35% percent returns? That equates to about 14% per annum! My savings account only pays 1.5%! Property values aren’t going up at 14% per year! Yup, that’s all true, but the fact is, these returns (and often higher) are typically what developers achieve on a regular basis. […]

No, addy isn’t making real estate more unaffordable. We’re breaking down barriers to entry.

Investing in real estate for as little as $1. Is that really going to be more equitable? Isn’t that just putting more people into real estate and driving up prices? Even worse, is that inducing people who really can’t afford it to invest into real estate? These are legitimate questions, and both are bound to […]