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How Do Rental Restricted Buildings Affect Unit Price?

Government regulation of the rental housing market in British Columbia is, by any definition, a work in progress.  In the last months of 2018, in response to growing concerns about a looming housing crisis in B.C., a Rental Housing Task Force formed by the Legislative Assembly produced a report with no less than 23 recommendations […]

Why Crowdfunded Properties Create Better Tenants, Preserve Value of Property.

Pride in homeownership is alive and well, and living down the street from you in a crowdfunded rental property.  One of the many benefits of crowdfunded real estate investment is higher quality tenants. Why exactly is that you may ask? Tenants that own shares of the crowdfunded property they’re renting have way higher stakes in […]

Why Griffin Medwid Became an addy Ambassador

There’s no better way to learn about anything than with hands-on experience. But when it comes to real estate investing, there’s traditionally a $100,000.00 buy-in just to gain access to such experience. This has long been a sticking point for young investing hopefuls, particularly for cash-strapped business students like Griffin Medwid. They spend their days […]

Understanding Cap Rates

learning cap rates

The commercial real estate industry in North America is heavily reliant on the metric commonly known as capitalization or “cap” rate.  The cap rate is probably the #1 tool employed by analysts and investors in evaluating and choosing rental properties. Cap rates are used to indicate the expected rate of return generated on an investment […]

Introducing addy

Over the last year, we’ve been busy. Busy interviewing experts. Busy launching our first property. Busy growing our team. But mostly, we’ve been busy listening. Listening to Millennials and Gen Zers that grew up in a world where homeownership was a given, but now live in a reality where real estate is largely expensive, overwhelming, […]

Why Invest in Parksville, BC?

Nestled between the shores of Craig Bay and Parksville Bay on Vancouver Island, the City of Parksville is home to a little more than 12,000 people who are in love with the laid-back lifestyle, sandy beaches and Mediterranean climate that characterize this little slice of paradise by the sea. Thriving Businesses, Rich Tourism According to Parksville […]

What is the Rule of 72?

rule of 72

Investing is all about the numbers.   In choosing and evaluating real estate investments, critical decisions are made every day based on, among other things, an in-depth understanding of the numbers attached to a project.  Investors are often focused on predicting just how long it will take to recoup their investment and realize a gain. […]

Grandview-Woodland Next Hot Neighbourhood for Investors?

Vancouver’s City Council recently voted in favour of a rezoning application that paved the way for construction of a 5-story building housing 35 residential rental units in Grandview-Woodland – part of the city’s vibrant and diverse Commercial Drive neighbourhood.  This approved development follows close on the heels of current and anticipated addy projects in the […]