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Virtual Meetup Dec 30 – Come Get To Know Us!

Who is addy? We’ll discuss how we’re approaching real estate investing differently so that we can all share in the returns. The truth is that real estate investing is simply out of reach for most of us. It takes tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to participate and in a lot of cases, […]

Calgary Property Live & Ready For Investment

We’ve just launched our FOURTH property located in Calgary! A unique opportunity for addy members to own a 280,000 SF suburban campus-style office park on a 20.67 acres site in central northeast Calgary, AB (1729 8th Ave NE) that will go through a repositioning program. The Offering Memorandum will include complete details. Residents over the […]

Opening Doors to Commercial Real Estate: Why Mike Yebio Loves addy

Mike Yebio lives in Toronto with his wife and 7-month old daughter. He’s always been interested in real estate and in fact, owns a property that he rents out two hours west of Toronto. But when asked about owning in Toronto proper his response matches those of many Millenials we’ve spoken to, “Toronto is too […]

Spotted! addy in Chilliwack

Starbucks Building Story The building located at 45604 Airport Road in Chilliwack was listed on our platform on August 11, 2020. It sold out to 833 investors (63 from Chilliwack) with an average investment of $457. Investments ranged from $1 to $1,500. The investment thesis is an initial hold of 5 years with the potential […]

Calgary Property Coming Soon! Get Ready to Invest

addy members will be able to view the Offering Memorandum and due diligence within their accounts in the coming weeks!  Sneak peek: Campus style office park with ample green space landscaped throughout the property  280,000 SF on a 20.67 acres site Sneak preview here. Our members will be first in line to invest! To get […]

Unlocking Alberta: Residents Are Now Eligible To Invest

It’s official! We’re unlocking Alberta. This means that our upcoming properties will be open to investment from residents in BC, Ontario AND Alberta! If you’re in Alberta and not an addy member yet here’s what you need to do to get started: Sign-up for an addy wallet account Subscribe to our newsletter so that you […]

How to Invest in Office Real Estate

Investing in office real estate is one way you can put your  money to “work” (pun intended) for you. As with any investment,  investing in this type of property requires a little bit of know how before going chips in. Consider these 4 questions when evaluating office property.  1) What method works best for you?  […]

Getting Access To Opportunities: Why Jason Yu Loves addy

Building a company that our members love and are excited about is our number one priority at addy. We spend a lot of time connecting and listening to members so that each of you can be confident when investing alongside us in real estate. We recently spoke with Torontonian, Jason Yu about why he’s stoked […]