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Why You Should Consider Crowdfunded Real Estate

apartment buildings

Crowdfunded real estate is more than just a new way to invest in real property.  For many novice and wannabe investors, it may be the ONLY way.   Buying real property in Canada, particularly in and around Vancouver, requires significant capital – more than most folks can manage to put together.  So, while the dream of […]

Where is the Best Place to Invest My Money?


Considering the myriad of factors influencing today’s economic realities, one simple truth has emerged.  It has become not only desirable, but also necessary to invest money wisely if you have any hope at all of securing a comfortable future. Saving alone is not enough.  In order to build wealth, you must learn to put that […]

What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?


It is only in recent years that the concept of crowdfunding has made its way into real estate lexicon.  While most folks are familiar with the use of crowdfunding for philanthropic causes and individual entrepreneurial campaigns, they don’t always associate real estate investment and crowdfunding in the same sentence.  addy is looking to change that […]

Eyeing Opportunities: Steve Saretsky Discusses How to Approach Investments

Steve saretsky

Steve Saretsky knows real estate. From analyzing trends, to buying and selling, to crafting plans for successful development, he truly enjoys the process and all its parts. Saretsky operates chiefly in Vancouver, BC, where the market has been increasingly strong for the past several years.  He buys and sells for individuals, performs housing analysis, and […]

Peter Coppard Says addy Turning the Investment Tide

Peter coppard

As a licensed realtor, Peter Coppard is very familiar with the ins and outs of the real estate market. He holds the additional title of licensed property manager, a credential that requires that he maintain very specific knowledge about leasing. He uses this acumen to help landlords vet their properties with the utmost efficiency and […]

Redesigning Real Estate Investment: Lanefab Design’s Bryn Davidson Talks addy

bryn davidson

A home is a personal statement and a safe shelter from the world, but it also the largest investment many people will ever make.  As co-owner and lead designer of Lanefab Design/Build, Bryn Davidson knows about real estate and the impact it can have on a person’s daily living and long-term prosperity. Lanefab puts clients into […]

Home Grown: Tamara Stone Lives, Breaths, Invests Kelowna Real Estate

Tamara Stone

With more than two decades of experience under her belt, Tamara Stone knows the real estate game inside and out. Together with her sister Shannon, Stone heads up the Stone Sisters Team, made up of a dozen highly dedicated real state professionals in Kelowna, BC. Own the Dirt Stone has been selling real estate for […]

Forced Outside the Box – Creative Housing Solutions

creative housing

Housing is expensive in Vancouver – exorbitantly expensive.  Prices are dropping but purchasing a single-family home on their own remains out of reach for most residents.   Other major cities face similar problems when it comes to affordability – San Francisco, Toronto, Seattle, New York and Boston to name just a few in North America.  […]

Why Diversifying Your Portfolio Matters

diverse portfolio

You have probably read and heard that diversification is an important element of any investment portfolio.  And, in return, there is a good chance you have posed the question, “Why do I need to diversify my investment portfolio?”  The answer may not be what you think.   Billionaire Warren Buffet, arguably one of the world’s most […]