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Opening Doors to Commercial Real Estate: Why Mike Yebio Loves addy

Mike Yebio lives in Toronto with his wife and 7-month old daughter. He’s always been interested in real estate and in fact, owns a property that he rents out two hours west of Toronto. But when asked about owning in Toronto proper his response matches those of many Millenials we’ve spoken to, “Toronto is too […]

Meet: David Porte, President at Porte Communities

David Porte, President of Porte Communities, took some time out of his day to chat with addy co-founder Stephen Jagger about his career in real estate, how Porte got started and his thoughts on Calgary real estate. About David Porte David Porte loves real estate and cares about people, and he’s certainly no stranger to […]

Getting Access To Opportunities: Why Jason Yu Loves addy

Building a company that our members love and are excited about is our number one priority at addy. We spend a lot of time connecting and listening to members so that each of you can be confident when investing alongside us in real estate. We recently spoke with Torontonian, Jason Yu about why he’s stoked […]

Democratization of Real Estate & The Future of Real Estate Investments

addy CEO Michael Stephenson was a guest on Tom Karadza podcast ‘Your Life, Your Terms’ to talk about the growing divide between the rich and the poor and how addy is working to enable everyone to take part in real estate ownership.  Tom Karadza is the co-owner of the Rock Star Real Estate Brokerage in […]

Currency Destruction & How to Protect your Savings

Vancouver Realtor Steve Saretsky had addy Chairperson Jeff Booth and addy CEO Michael Stephenson on his show today to talk about Jeff’s book, The Price of Tomorrow, what is happening with currencies in the world, how to protect your savings, where real estate is potentially headed and what addy is up to. “In this interview […]

Fraser Valley Spotlight: Cultus Lake Park Chief Administrative Officer, Joe Lamb, Tells All

addy’s Stephen Jagger and Katie Kernahan sat down with Joe Lamb the Chief Administrative Officer of Cultus Lake Park to understand more about how the park works, the residential properties within it and what the next 5 – 10 years looks like. Joe broke down how the leased land within the park works, the funding […]

Watch Webinar – Chilliwack Real Estate Market

Charles Wiebe, Past President of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board, talks about what’s happening with real estate in the Fraser Valley. Thinking of buying or investing in the Fraser Valley? You’re not alone. Home sales are surging right now. Our special guest, Charles Wiebe, Past President of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board (FVREB), […]

Watch Webinar – Driving Economic Development

Dave Parsell talks about the impacts this pandemic has had on economic growth and development in Canada and how that translates to real estate. As the COVID-19 crisis shifts from the response to the recovery phase, the needs of businesses will evolve as they begin rebuilding or resuming operations. Those economic developers that adapt quickly […]

Get To Know addy: Meet Board Member Pascal Spothelfer

Pascal Spothelfer is a senior executive who has spent his entire career in innovation and technology-driven businesses. He currently is the  President and CEO of Genome BC, a non-profit corporation that funds and promotes genomics research and innovation in British Columbia and facilitates the adoption of genomics into society. He’s also one of the newest […]

Watch Webinar – What’s Happening with Organized Real Estate

Cliff Stevenson talks about what’s happening with Organized Real Estate Learn from Cliff Stevenson, Calgary Realtor and Chair-Elect of The Canadian Real Estate Association, about how the structure of real estate buying and selling will be disrupted as a result of the current pandemic and new advances in technology. You’ll learn about: How real estate […]