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A Creative Way to Invest In Your Own Backyard: An Interview with Jasalyn Thorne

As a professional artist, Jasalyn Thorne very often has her eye on the beautiful and the sublime. Thorne has worked as a professional photographer in the Vancouver market for the past 15 years, capturing irreplaceable moments for individuals, corporations, families and wedding parties. In recent years, her business has expanded to include product photography and […]

James Komenda Discusses Investing With addy, Without Having to Sacrifice

James Komenda

James Komenda knows how to get business done. He is the former VP of Sales for, the founder and former CEO of a local startup in Vancouver called FreeSpace, and most recently the founder of a new startup in Vancouver. His drive and dedication don’t stop when he leaves the office for the day. […]

Market Peaks and Okanagan Valleys: Andrew Gaucher Discusses a Strengthening Kelowna Market

kelowna real estate

Andrew Gaucher is a local legend of sorts in the Kelowna real estate scene. When you look at his resume, it quickly becomes clear why. He (somehow) splits his nine-to-five between being the VP of the McKinley Beach community, the founder and president of Catalyst Land Development, and the GM of G Group Land Development. […]

The Future of Home Ownership: Hunter Sones Explains Why addy is a Game Changer

Every so often you meet, or hear about, people that have schedules so ambitious you’re convinced they have access to a secret time reserve. An extra hour or two added to their days, or an eighth day of the week no one else seems to know about. Hunter Sones is one such person. This young […]

Rockstar Real Estate Investing: An Interview with Jessi Johnson and Kyle Green


Jessi Johnson and Kyle Green are both self-made millionaires, nationally recognized and well decorated in their fields, and now best-selling authors. We sat down with them to discuss their new book, the real estate scene in Vancouver, and of course, addy. Despite their staggering accomplishments and proven success in their careers, both Jessi and Kyle […]

Interview with The REINVESTORS: How to Live Stress-Free by Investing in Real Estate

Just a few short years ago, Steve Arneson and Randy Molland were each grappling with life-altering personal struggles. Today, they’re successful real estate investors, globetrotters, speakers, and philanthropists. How did they go from being bogged down by grief and depression to founding their own company and developing a diverse and robust real estate investment portfolio? […]