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The Smith Manoeuvre Explained by Robinson Smith

addy co-founder Stephen Jagger chats with Robinson Smith, financial strategist and best-selling author about The Smith Manoeuvre and how it works for Canadians working to raise their net worth and raising their level of financial security in the face of rising costs of living.  What Is the Smith Manoeuvre? The Smith Manoeuvre is a legal […]

How to Invest in Office Real Estate

Investing in office real estate is one way you can put your  money to “work” (pun intended) for you. As with any investment,  investing in this type of property requires a little bit of know how before going chips in. Consider these 4 questions when evaluating office property.  1) What method works best for you?  […]

Neighbourhood Spotlight: Lawrence Park, Toronto

The neighbourhood is full of natural beauty, providing endless opportunities for hikers, joggers and park-goers alike. The neighbourhood has a very strong, family-oriented sense of community with excellent schools and recreational spaces in the area. Most Lawrence Park residents are within walking distance of bus routes that run along Yonge Street, Mount Pleasant Road, Bayview […]

Why Invest In Toronto Real Estate

Toronto is a major Canadian city situated along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. Wikipedia describes the city as a dynamic metropolis with a core of soaring skyscrapers, all dwarfed by the iconic, free-standing CN Tower. Toronto also has many green spaces, from the orderly oval of Queen’s Park to 400-acre High Park and its trails, sports […]

Who Invented The Drive-Thru?

Where did the spelling come from? Before we get started, according to Wikipedia the spelling of drive-thru is a sensational spelling of the word through drive-through and both are acceptable. What is a drive-thru? The drive-thru is a type of take out service that businesses provide to enable customers to purchase products without leaving their […]

How Do Returns Work on Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial real estate investments generate returns in two possible ways: rental income and property appreciation. Rental Income Rental income is generated by renting to a tenant or multiple tenants. This rental income becomes cash flow or revenue for the equity owner(s) of the property, aka a cap rate. For commercial real estate investments offered through […]

What Are The Different Types of Commercial Leases?

Buckle up!! We’re breaking down the different types of commercial leases. The Basics: Gross Lease/Full Service Lease What you need to know: With this lease type, the tenant’s rent includes all property operating expenses such as property taxes, utilities, maintenance, etc. More specifically, these operating costs and expenses are borne by the landlord out of […]