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6 Things to Consider for Real Estate Due Diligence

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Wisely investing into an asset requires plenty of planning, preparation and patience, otherwise known as due diligence. This lengthy process of determining whether you should acquire a property involves seeking out all material facts and information so as to make an informed decision. Undertaking this process smartly and effectively can mean the difference between a […]

What is an Accredited Investor?

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The term ‘accredited investor’ pops up a lot in the financial world, particularly for those seeking out passive income opportunities in the stock market or real estate world. Accredited investors, as the name suggests, are those investors who come with a bit of wealth behind them and have a designated status that allows for larger […]

What are Purpose-Built Rentals?

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A country-wide interest in purpose-built rental buildings continues to gain steam, as developers move away from a focus on condos to these condo-adjacent buildings designed for renters. These buildings present curious opportunities for investors while also having an impact on the livability of a particular city or town. addy’s investment opportunity in Mission, B.C. is […]

How Dollar-Cost Averaging Works

There are countless ways to invest your money, with a range of opportunities and strategies to maximize the amount of passive income you can earn. Your risk appetite, the amount of money and energy you’re willing to invest, as well as your financial goals, all go into determining where, when and how to best invest. […]

Roofstock for Canada?

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The ever-growing world of online real estate investments in Canada and the United States means there are plenty of opportunities to make some passive income. Finding the right platform, however, isn’t necessarily easy. addy believes in real estate for everyone, making investing in institutional grade commercial real estate simple and accessible. Crowdfunding real estate with […]

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform, addy, Opens to Quebec Residents; Launches 20th Investment Property Located in Montreal

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform, addy, Opens to Quebec Residents; Launches 20th Investment Property Located in Montreal addy Members across BC, Alberta, Ontario and Now Quebec Can Invest In A Boutique Hotel Located In Montreal, for as Little as $1 Vancouver, B.C. (February 4, 2022) — addy, a Vancouver-based proptech start-up that is breaking down barriers […]

What is Institutional Grade Commercial Real Estate?

When most people think of real estate investing, what often comes to mind is owning a home. This property may increase in value over time or earn passive income as a rental unit, whether a person decides to rent out a room, a floor or the entire house to short-term or long-term tenants. However, not […]

How to Buy Canadian Real Estate with No Credit

There are a lot of barriers to owning property for many people, especially for younger generations who believe that the system is set up against them. One of those barriers is a credit score, which is influenced by a range of factors and is taken into consideration when seeking a mortgage approval. However, there is […]

Real Estate Tips for 20-Year-Olds

There is a lot for younger generations to get discouraged about when it comes to real estate. Ever-rising housing prices across the country, paired with low supply and fierce bidding wars, are squashing the dreams of home ownership for many Millennials. Gen Zers, meanwhile, may never even have thought of the possibility based on the […]

CrowdStreet for Canada?

The world of online real estate investment affords plenty of opportunities for those looking to make some passive income, but not every platform is created equal. CrowdStreet has established itself as a major player in the world of crowdfunding real estate, but how does it compare to and differ from addy? And which one is […]