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Watch Webinar – Future of Farming & Investing in Land

Learn from entrepreneur & CEO of Cubic Farms, Dave Dinesen, about the future of farming and investing in land. The Covid-19 pandemic exposed fragility in supply chains, such as labour shortages, disruptions in the packing and transportation sectors, and increasing uncertainty in the domestic and international markets. CubicFarms’ automated growing systems have emerged as a […]

Glowbal Restaurant Group Owner, Emad Yacoub, on the Future of Restaurants

The restaurant industry is going to change due to COVID-19 and we wanted to learn more. That’s why we reached out to one of Vancouver’s largest and most successful restaurateurs, Emad Yacoub, to get his take on where we go from here. Emad Yacoub is the owner of the Glowbal Restaurant Group which includes Trattoria, […]

Watch Webinar – Real Estate & Investing in Retirement Homes, A Conversation with Nurse Next Door Co-Founder, Ken Sim

Learn from entrepreneur & former mayoral candidate, Ken Sim, about housing in Vancouver and how this crisis may impact retirement homes. Retirement homes have generally been deemed a good real estate investment given the high rental costs associated with specialized care. This pandemic has had a massive impact on these care homes that may lead […]

Watch Webinar – Real Estate & Restaurants During a Crisis with Glowbal Restaurant Group Owner

Learn from Vancouver restaurateur and real estate owner, Emad Yacoub, about how to navigate the food & beverage industry during this crisis. After witnessing a very dramatic disruption to daily operations, there is a fear that many restaurants – small and large – will never quite recover. What does Emad have to say about it […]

Watch Webinar – Future of Canadian Real Estate

Join Vice Chairman of Colliers International, Kelly Heed, as he talks all things Canadian real estate during and after COVID-19. Many predict that the Canadian real estate market will be hit hard by the pandemic. But will it really? Tune in to hear what Kelly Heed has to say about it all. Date: Thursday, May 7, […]

Watch Webinar – Real Estate after Covid-19 with addy CEO

What will real estate investing look like after COVID-19? Hear from addy CEO Michael Stephenson about what to expect & how to prepare. From cooling down sales to changing how available homes are shown, this global pandemic will change Canadian real estate in the short- and long-term. addy CEO Michael Stephenson will address this and […]

Watch Webinar – Future of Secondary Markets with Andrew Gaucher

Learn from real estate developer Andrew Gaucher about the impacts of this crisis on secondary investment markets like Kelowna. Historically the Okanagan real estate market has been relatively stable and growing. In addition to being on the cusp of a long expansion cycle, the Kelowna market has been strengthening thanks to young professionals and baby […]

Watch Webinar – Alternative Real Estate Investing with Realtor Noam Dolgin

Build community, reduce your ecological footprint and save or make money through real estate co-ownership. Learn how it could work for you. Considering buying a duplex or townhouse for your growing family? Did you know that you could own ½ a house for less money, have more space, and choose your own neighbours / co-owners? […]

Watch Webinar – Landlording During a Crisis

The REINVESTORS are on a mission to financially educate 1 million people and inspire them to invest in real estate, so they can live a more fulfilled life. Just a few short years ago, Steve Arneson and Randy Molland were each grappling with life-altering personal struggles. Today, they’re successful real estate investors, globetrotters, speakers, and […]

Watch Webinar with Tech Entrepreneur & Author Jeff Booth

An exclusive opportunity to hear from one of Vancouver’s most prominent entrepreneurs. We know it’s been a tough couple of weeks adjusting to the new normal. If you’re looking for something to do on Thursday evening while holed up at home, we’re hosting a free webinar with tech entrepreneur and author, Jeff Booth. For more than 20 […]