General partners with differentiated capital

our capital is unique

We are more than just capital. We bring unique benefits to GPs that only addy can provide.

1. Guaranteed Capital

We’re an LP to your GP. When we commit to a deal, the capital commitment is guaranteed. 

Guaranteed Capital

2. You Only Deal With One Investor, Us.

Yes we bring thousands of Canadians into our investment deals, but you’ll only deal with addy. We take care of all of the communications, agreements, distributions etc. with our members – you won’t even know they’re there.

3. Differentiated Capital

Our community of investors can drive the cost of building maintenance down with addy members as tenants, provide community support with city council, and offer a built in customer base for commercial tenants.

Differentiated Capital

4. Offer An Employee Share Program

Many times the employees of our partners are not able to participate in the real estate deal due to the minimum investment requirements that the partner has in place for their investors. The addy platform enables employees to participate in the opportunity alongside their employer (you could even fund their wallets!).

Offer An Employee Share Program

5. Consolidate Your Accredited Investors

Provide your accredited investor base with a better more streamlined experience and save time on the back forth paperwork . You can use the addy platform to funnel them into the deal in a very cost-effective way.

6. 100% Of Our Capital Goes Into The Deal

Your cost of capital is less with addy as we do not take any fees. All of the money raised from our members goes directly into the deal

7. Flexibly Liquidity

Carve capital out of your building in the amount that you need.

Our acquisitions team is actively looking for quality real estate investments across all property types.  What we look for:

  • Off-market opportunities
  • Unique Canadian investments

Have a deal you want us to consider? Send us your investor package.

Commitment to Sponsorship Diversity

In order to represent a diverse sponsor base, addy is committed to providing support for qualified minority-owned, women-owned, and LGBQT+ sponsors in the communities where an addy is placed.

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