Selling now

Wingreen Court Multi-Family Apartments

1-4, 6, 8-11 Wingreen Court, North York, ON

A 9 building, 99 unit multi-family portfolio in Toronto

Opportunity Type: Value-Add

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Dropping soon

The Lex Mixed-Use Apartments

1249 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC

45 strata-titled apartment suites plus 2 commercial
units in Vancouver’s downtown core

Opportunity Type: Core Plus

Past Properties

Total Asset Value: $93,000,000+

Avesta Apartments sold out 1629 St Georges Avenue

Sold out to 1,500+ investors

Avesta Multi-Family Apartments, 1629 St. Georges Ave, North Vancouver, BC

A 100% occupied, twenty-two suite apartment building, newly re-built in 2013

Opportunity Type: Core

Sold Out to 1,100+ investors

1729 8th Ave NE, Calgary, AB

280,000 SF suburban campus style office park on a 20.67 acres site in central Northeast Calgary

Opportunity Type: Value-Add

Sold Out to 300+ investors

1476 Avenue Road in Toronto, ON

95 unit multi-family portfolio across 19 buildings.

Opportunity Type: Core Plus

Sold Out to 800+ investors

45604 Airport Rd, Chilliwack, BC

Newly built drive-thru property whose tenant is Starbucks at a highly trafficked intersection in the City of Chilliwack, BC

Opportunity Type: Core

Sold Out to 300+ investors

1965 E 13th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Presently the only lakefront development opportunity in Vancouver

Opportunity Type: Opportunistic (development)

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